About BYKO

BYKO's biggest construction products store is in Breiddin in Kópavogur. BYKO also has 4 other stores across the country.

BYKO's story began in 1962 when Gudmundur H. Jónsson and Hjalti Bjarnason opened the first BYKO store on Kársnesbraut in Kópavogur. From the start the partners strove to provide their customers, professionals as well as general house builders, with outstanding service. These values of the entrepreneurs laid the foundation for the build-up of the company, which is now the leader in construction product sales in Iceland.

BYKO's directors and employees lay heavy emphasis on strengthening operations and improving services to their customers. In recent years, BYKO has established a niche for itself overseas, including building up a dynamic lumber company in Latvia. There lumber and various lumber products are produced, ensuring BYKO's customers a more favourable lumber price than before.

BYKO is part of the NORVIK holding company
BYKO is a member of Brico Alliance


BYKO's Managing Directors

  • Sigurdur Brynjar Palsson - Chief Executive Officer
  • Hulda Júlíana Jónsdóttir - Chief Financial Officer 
  • Eggert Kristinsson - Director of B2B
  • Haraldur Bergsson - Director of B2C
  • Edda Blumenstein - Director of Customer and Retailing Transformation


BYKO's Board of Directors

  • Gudmundur Halldor Jonsson - Chairman of the Board
  • Jon Helgi Gudmundsson
  • Idunn Jonsdottir
  • Steinunn Jonsdóttir
  • Anna Run Ingvarsdottir


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